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Visa for the USA is now quick and not unpleasant procedure. See for yourself:
Visa service includes:
- Prepairing the package documentation (application, visa inquiry, confirmation voucher, flight booking)- Receiving the passport with the visa

Visa service does not include:
- Fee for courier delivery- A charge of issuing the visa Embassy- Transfer fees from authorized translation agency- VAT

Necessary documents for visa:- Passport valid for at least 6 months after date of departure / must have 2 free pages /;- 2 current photos American standard /;- Bank account - a statement, the tourist to have a minimum of 500 euros per week during your stay /;- Documents for real property - a certificate issued by the tax authorities for payment of taxes / desirable /;- Certificate from the employer - to leave and position;- Proof of pension / pensioners /;- For companies - if you are the owner / partner / corporate decision and standing of the company, a copy Bulsatat tax return travel orders for official travel /;

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