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Why Choose Us

Our HR company takes all the pressure from organisations who need to source the very best candidates using the most cost-effective means to save on time and resources.

Recruitment is very resource-intensive and time-consuming as well as requiring extensive experience and knowledge to deliver the perfect applicant for your position. This is the primary reason that many organisations choose to outsource their talent search to a EU recruitment agency with years of expertise and resources.

The key to maximize your chance of success is working in partnership with a recruitment agency to first of all build up a job specification by learning all about your business then matching you with the right applicants.

The way to do this is through active listening and good communication, we ask you the right questions to find out exactly what your business needs in an employee. We then keep up a dialogue with you, so that you know how the recruitment process is going.

Our consultants will get to know you and your business whether you offer jobs in health and social care, jobs in education, jobs in hospitality- hotels and restaurants, jobs in IT, jobs in finance, jobs in construction, jobs in logistic and transport, any sector we can recruit the best applicants for the position.

Developing realistic and reasonable expectations of the recruitment process. Contact us now to communicate with our friendly and experienced team.

Some facts about us:

Slava 7 has been in collaboration with international partners from Europe, USA and Middle East since 2008.

The company offers job positions in many sectors such as:

- Construction; Factories; Finance; IT ; Tourism; Transport; Services etc.And in countries such as:

- Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Dubai, France , Germany, Greece, Malta, Qatar, Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden , UK and USA., recruiting employees from Bulgaria, Macedonia( EU citizens ) , Romania and other Eastern EU countries.

Your business success is our target!