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1.How can I understand what job offers you have?

For this purpose you should regularly go into our website; All current proposals are regularly published

2. If I choose an offer what should I do?

You must fill in details our application form in English (unless in the offer itself is not shown in another language); Please include information about your professional experience from the beginning up to the present time;

Actual photo full size;

With one CV you can apply for more than one position;

3. Is it necessary to speak a foreign language?

This question can be answered, after considering the specific offer. For positions where there is no direct communication with customers - basic knowledge of the language (for the country), will be enough. For positions with direct communication with customers - very good knowledge of the language is required. Next language is an advantage;

4. Is it necessary to have experience?

For most positions, experience is an advantage, but there are offers where experience is mandatory;

5. What is the time of approval?

Time for approval is strictly individual. You can check the status of your application by phone and e-mail;

6. What happens when I am approved?

We will contact you to let you know the conditions of the offer; When we receive, your final positive decision, we expect contract, which confirms the terms of the offer; We start to organize your departure.

7. Do I have to buy a ticket by myself?

Slava 7 has contracts with most of the major airlines; Will offer you the lowest possible price for a ticket for the destination. Baggage allowance depends on the airline that will provide ticket; You will be informed promptly from our team!

8. Will someone meet me at the airport?

We have it as an option, but we can confirm when we have a specific offer. You will be informed promptly from our team!

9. What will be my expenses?

Departure costs become clear when we have a specific offer to the applicant; You will be informed promptly from our team!

10. What do I do if an unpleasant situation occurs?

Please contact our team and we will assist you. Note that we care about every candidate to their very return to Bulgaria.

11. Will the time spent abroad be taken as experience here in Bulgaria?

Yes, because our partners are required to submit the appropriate insurance for you!

12. Is it necessary to have a valid passport?

No it is not necessary, you must have your ID card with you. It must be valid until the end of the period of residence